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I find it immensely gratifying to experience the visible relief gained by my clients when they are able to shrug off the bounds of often long carried emotional baggage and again begin to live their lives in the peace to which I believe we are all entitled while also reaping the benefits of vastly improved physical health.

And so it is that since completing my training I have dedicated my time to helping people with compromised health and wellness through a wide range of issues.

While there are a number of EFT Practitioners in Perth, I am currently, one of only a hand full of Meridian Energy Practitioners in Australia Certified to facilitate both Matrix Re-imprinting and Matrix Birth Re-imprinting sessions.

Training and Memberships:

  • Advanced Practitioner Level training in EFT in accordance with EFT’s founder Gary Craig (USA).
  • Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner.
  • Trained with several EFT Masters.
  • Completed specialised Energy Meridian tapping techniques for Trauma and Inner Child work using Matrix (memory) Re-imprinting techniques.
  • Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

How I Work With You

To offer you the very best help in the shortest possible time frame, the modality I use is called EFT (short for Emotional Freedom Techniques).  EFT can provide you with total freedom from many adverse emotional and physical effects caused by stressful memories and events.   You will find that EFT is a gentler technique, that it is highly effective for all manner of emotional and physical issues.

You will be encouraged to use the easily learned techniques in your own real-time life situations thus providing you with an immensely empowering tool for your ongoing emotional and physical health and well being.

Why EFT is My Main Approach

Modern day traditional medical practitioners continue to treat disease and illness with medication and surgery and while there will always be a need for these approaches, treating the root source of very many of these diseases and illnesses provides a far more effective resolution.

Also the link between our consistent thoughts and our very DNA is now being scientifically validated around the globe and I feel blessed to be at the leading edge of what I believe is soon to become the new paradigm in human healing.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) provides us with the tools to clear blockages in the body’s energy field most often affecting our behaviour at a sub-conscious level (it is claimed around 95% of our daily activity is controlled by the sub-conscious).  EFT clears blockages in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional medical approaches.

EFT is leading a major shift in the focus of healing methodology with some major Medical Institutes in the USA directing patients towards Energy Psychology and in particular EFT treatments for certain illnesses and diagnoses before utilising more traditional medical approaches.

Another technique I employ is Matrix ReImprinting, and I find this to be a wonderful way to gently clear a trauma and when doing inner child healing or pre-memory healing.  The results can be truly amazing!

Currently, I am one of only a hand full of Meridian Energy Practitioners in Australia Certified to facilitate both Matrix Re-imprinting and Matrix Birth Re-imprinting sessions.

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Why not commit today to experience the RELIEF of permanently shedding the burden of needless emotional suffering!

Session Fees

Your Initial session: $130.00 (1½ – 2hrs)
Additional sessions: $100.00 (1½ hrs) each.
Shorter (1 hr) sessions: $80.00 may be offered by arrangement.

Telephone or Skype sessions may also be arranged.

My sessions guarantee to deliver the results that we cooperatively seek and work together to achieve or you pay nothing.

You Can Gain Freedom from Emotional Distress!

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