Do you live every day of your life carrying anger from a past event or series of events?

Do you find that certain everyday circumstances or occurrences cause you to become angry seemingly without any rational reason?

Modern science is showing that a powerful link exists between unresolved anger (grievance, grudge, animosity) and the onset of physical illness (often serious illness).

What if I was to tell you that your anger can be quickly and easily defused so that even though you will likely always remember the incident(s) causing your anger in the first place, the element of emotional pain attached to it will be totally and permanently dissolved thereby allowing you to avoid such illness?

Perhaps you have long ago accepted that you must carry this pain with you forever (or worse still that you deserve to have to carry this pain forever).

The good news is: EFT can quickly and permanently relieve you of emotional pain and give your body the best possible chance to recover from (or totally avoid) the onset of physical illness so caused.

So, no matter what the cause of your anger issue, you don’t need to endure the emotional burden of it a moment longer and as an added bonus you will likely save yourself a mountain of medical costs down the line.

Call me today or send me an email and get back to the life of peace you are entitled too.

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