A family get together can offer fertile ground for triggering us into all sorts of emotional responses.
In an ideal world, we may be reminded of how much we are loved by our family members and we feel warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that we are cared about and supported.

Regrettably, however, the emotion into which we find ourselves triggered is not always of an empowering nature and instead of leaving us feeling joyful we may find ourselves feeling energetically depleted or worse.

Do you find yourself reliving earlier life memories that prompt you into anger, fear or frustration from a past event or series of events related to past family experiences.

Try this: Close you eyes and visualize as best you can that you are at a family dinner or barbecue and just notice your body’s energetic response and/or any familiar thought patterns that emerge.  Are you prompted into an emotional response or a less than pleasant body sensation?

Modern science is showing that a powerful link exists between unresolved negative emotions and the onset of physical illness (often serious illness).

What if I was to tell you that your negative emotions, no matter what form they take can be quickly and easily resolved so that even though you will likely always remember the incident(s) causing them in the first place, the element of emotional pain attached to them will be totally and permanently dissolved thereby allowing you to avoid any such illness?

Perhaps you have long ago accepted that you must carry this pain with you forever (or worse still that you deserve to have to carry this pain forever).

The good news is: EFT can quickly and permanently relieve you of emotional pain and give your body the best possible chance to recover from (or totally avoid) the onset of physical illness so caused.

So, no matter what the cause of your negative emotional issue, you don’t need to endure the burden of it a moment longer and as an added bonus you will likely save yourself a mountain of medical costs down the line.

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