Do you suffer the effects of depression?  Whilst DEPRESSION can take a number of differing forms, a common thread of this debilitating condition is the presence of unresolved emotional issues (frequently, but not limited to: suppressed anger or resentment).

What do I mean by unresolved? Simply put, they are past events or traumas that, when thought about or re-visited at either a conscious or sub-conscious level, evoke a negative emotional response.

The effect of the negative emotional response is to put our bodies into a state of stress and this prompts our bodies to respond by producing a variety of “stress” hormones.

The biological purpose of these stress hormones is to offer us protection by amping-up our mental vigilance and preparing our musculature for defensive action should we be required to fight or flee.

If our bodies are occasionally subject to short periods of such states, there is no real problem. However, where stress drivers are present regularly, of worse, permanently, our bodies become adversely affected at all levels (physically, mentally and spiritually) and the problem becomes overwhelming and self-perpetuating.

Many of us are taught by our parents at an early age that it is inappropriate to express our anger (grin and bear it) but this can have a devastating impact on our lives and often leads to deep feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness or helplessness. These states are a recipe for depression.

Until the advent of EFT, there was no effective way to completely negate the emotional attachment to past “bothersome” events and traumas and therefore treatment methods centered on talk and cognitive therapies which were only partially effective and the prescription of drugs to attempt to contain the consequential distress suffered.

EFT allows us to painlessly “weed out” the culprit underlying causes of depressed states and permanently clear them away. For some, this may involve only a limited number of past issues that need be addressed while for others there may be many.

What is important to understand, however, is that the Emotional Freedom Techniques are highly efficient at this process and that every time an issue is dealt with in session, that issue is permanently resolved.

The choice for anyone suffering from depression is thus: Do I stay on prescription medication for the rest of my life and suffer the effects of their long term use and any associated side effects? Or, do I bite the bullet now and invest some time and money into dealing with the root cause(s) of my depression and reap the benefits of a healthy mind and body beginning some time in the not-to-distant future?

The choice is clear, so don’t put up with the debilitating effects of depression any longer. Make a commitment to a better future without drugs. Call Barry today.

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