The four fundamental components of optimal health are: Physical health, Mental Health, Emotional health and Spiritual health.

Let’s consider these separately.

Physical Health:

Our physical body is the means by which we interface with the world around us.

If we are fortunate enough to be born into this life on planet Earth with healthy genes, irrespective of our physical appearance, we need only take responsibility for nurturing and maintaining these 100 trillion cells, all working together in perfect intelligent balance, that comprise our unique bodies to remain physically healthy.

In an effort to preserve what nature and our ancestors have handed us and slow down the inevitable ageing process, we may choose to Invest some time into various forms of physical exercise and may carefully monitor and control what we put into our mouths, often Investing considerable amounts of our money and time in these endeavours.

In reality, our physical health is heavily reliant on, yet contributes to our Mental health.

Mental Health:

Our Mental health is a precious asset offering us the opportunity to lead functional and fulfilling lives. If we are fortunate enough to be born with a healthy brain our roll is to value and protect this precious gift and do all within our power to preserve and maintain it in an optimally functional state.

The practices of working with nature, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and the like all give us valuable Mental health benefits.

Maintaining a good level of physical health contributes in part to good Mental health.

Our Emotional health, however, also contributes largely to the everyday state of our Mental health.

Emotional Health:

Whilst it is now commonly accepted that elements contributing to Emotional health are, in part, related to genetics, by far, the greatest contributors to our emotional state at any moment in our lives are seeded in our earlier life experiences.

While many of these experiences may have occurred outside of our control, others will have occurred in the course of living in accordance with choices we have made as individuals that, in retrospect, may not have been optimally in our best interests.

Such experiences range from mildly bothersome memories of adverse treatment by our childhood carers and/or peers to the impact we have sustained from a range of traumatic past events.

As children, with little life experience and only our carers as points of reference, even a small hurt can be classified as traumatic.

Optimal states of Emotional Health also go hand-in-hand with Spiritual Health.

Spiritual Health:

The absence of the denial that, as individual human beings, we are connected to, and thus part of, an Intelligent system much greater than ourselves, serves as a common point of reference for the varied “faiths” to which we human beings subscribe and practice.

As such, Spiritual Health will have a different meaning for each of us depending on our past experiences and learnings.

The acceptance of our connection to that Greater Intelligence (God, Universe etc.) has many benefits for us as individuals and contributes powerfully to stable Emotional Health.

To Sum up:

Whilst we have options and choices available to us to optimise on each of the above health categories, most of us tend to focus on the categories of Physical, Mental and Spiritual health with the belief that they have little or no control over their Emotional health.

Couple this with the belief (especially among males) that addressing emotional issues is a sign of weakness and we are denying ourselves the possibility of ever achieving Optimal health.

As current day science is revealing more and more, our compromised Emotional health is the most common contributor to our poor Physical health and if left un-attended, will manifest in varied forms of compromised Physical health.

Optimal health is available to us all, requiring only that we make the choice to invest some time and money into pursuing it.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques offer us the powerful tools to permanently resolve our Emotional issues, whether they be mildly bothersome or the debilitating remnants from past traumas in a gentle but highly effective manner and for a very reasonable financial investment.

Make the year 2018 the year that you made the decision to claim Optimal health by bringing the four fundamental health components into balance and enjoy the many benefits that this decision brings in both the short and longer terms of what remains of your time on Planet Earth.

Your optimal Emotional health is only one good decision away.

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