Irrespective of what the issue is that brings you in search of answers, what is important is - HELP IS AVAILABLE. Sure, you say, but that means I have to spill my heart out to a total stranger and probably relive the whole thing all over again and even if I do I probably won't get any relief anyway and it will cost me an arm and a leg. Well, I am here to tell you that you would be WRONG.

What you may not realise is that emotional pain and physical pain have been shown to be inseparably linked and one of the interesting things about EFT is - no matter which challenge you present with, the EFT techniques are incredibly effective in neutralising it and here's the clincher - it stays neutralised.

Let me explain. Say you present with pain in the neck/shoulder (not un-common) and your level of discomfort is at say 7 on a scale of 0-10 (zero being no pain and ten being unbearably painful), it is very common to see a reduction in pain by 2-6 points in one round of tapping (less than 2 minutes) and a complete alleviation of pain in a few more rounds of tapping. Miraculous? No, commonplace.

Alternatively, you may present with some form of stress caused by a past trauma or anger or guilt or fear or just sheer frustration with your boss and not recognise that the neck/shoulder pain is even remotely related to this and we will apply a few rounds of EFT on the stress and poof! the neck/shoulder pain vanishes (sometimes after having been present for years).

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that untreated stress symptoms generally lead to the development of physical symptoms and oftentimes of serious diseases.

The point I'm making is that whether your presenting issue is of an emotional or physical nature the chances are very good that rapid and substantial, if not total neutralisation of the pain or affliction is possible by application of these techniques.

As for having to relive the pain of an emotionally charged event all over again in order to get relief, this is no longer necessary. Neither is it necessary to have to relate the details of an emotionally charged event to me if you would rather not.

 It may be that you are searching for a means to escape from a debilitating craving or addiction (classically to smoking or computer games or ***nography) and you may be embarrassed by your addiction. Such addictions can rip families apart but they are very easily neutralised by EFT. You get to keep the details to yourself while I get busy on the process of blowing the addiction away and then you can get busy again on the process of getting your life back on track. I'll even teach you how to quickly deal with any returning cravings in real time. How empowering is that?

Phobias of all types and the various forms of dyslexia respond very well to these techniques as does stuttering and many forms of learning difficulties.

EFT addresses the real underlying causes of weight related challenges and negates the emotional factors that persistently sabotage your dietary efforts. But we all have to eat; I hear you say. Sure, but with what I will teach you, you are able to pounce on the craving when ever you feel it coming on and without even making a spectacle of yourself.

Or it may be that you are searching for an alternative to the necessity to have to take medication for a more complex condition such as anxiety/depression. Such conditions are definitely correctible using EFT but the process takes a little longer as typically many separate issues contribute to them and may have done so over an extended period of time. No five minute wonders here, but you will begin to feel the improvement in your life enjoyment from the very first session.

Our philosophy in EFT circles is to "try it on everything" and as only healing can occur from the application of these amazing techniques, so that is what we do.

So, whether or not you have walked the length of the traditional western medicine pathway in an attempt to find relief from your compromised health condition, irrespective of what it may be, EFT is definitely worth a try. Our bodies have a miraculous ability to heal themselves given the right resources and as EFT Practitioners we see miracles occur for our clients regularly.

If you haven't already done so, please view the introduction videos.

A visit to EFT Universe will allow you to research published articles on a wide variety of issues, probably including some similar to yours and this will provide you with further evidence that these techniques are highly effective.

Now, all that remains is to pluck up the courage to phone me up and have a chat. Call 0439 449 655 or email me.

Oh, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised at the cost of sessions.

Quote: We have all made agreements based on what our family, schools, religion, society etc. have told us about ourselves. But we all have the power to break those agreements and create our own beliefs. - Ruiz

It is not by chance that you have surfed to this web site anymore that it is by chance that you are searching for answers.

People like you, whose search leads them to find this site, are generally silently uttering a cry for help.

If this proclamation resonates with you, the very first thing that is immensely important for you to understand is that you have already taken a giant step forward.

I say this because you have acknowledged, albeit in a small way, that you are aware that you have an issue or issues that you would rather be over.

When I refer here to issues I am referring to emotional issues. SHOCK HORROR!! I've been sprung. Don't feel alone. There are precious few people who do not carry around with them some form of emotional baggage. This baggage can be as little as a vague feeling of uneasiness which presents itself occasionally, or as great as constant debilitating stress from a past traumatic incident or series of abuses or anywhere in between.

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