Your initial session will comprise initially of a 15 minute introduction during which time you will experience the effectiveness of EFT methodology and after which you are under no obligation to continue if you so wish. There is no charge for this time if you so choose. Sessions run for 1 1/2 - 2 hours and the initial session cost is $120.00.

 Additional sessions cost $95.00 (1 1/2 hours) each.

Shorter (1 hour) sessions at a cost of $70.00 may be offered by arrangement.


Telephone or Skype sessions may also be arranged.


Sessions are by appointment only. I will arrange for session times to best fit with your requirements wherever possible. Weekend and evening sessions are also possible by arrangement. Sessions are conducted in a safe, discrete, non-judgemental and pleasant environment in which we will both work together at a pace that you set, to achieve the certain results that I know will be achieved in a manner in which the necessity to re-live emotional pain is unnecessary. If you so wish, we can get the results we seek without me even having to know the details of your unique subjective issue.


My sessions guarantee to deliver the results that we cooperatively seek and work together to achieve or you pay nothing.


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