When we make the decision to embark on a regime of diet and exercise, we are investing in our future health and longevity, not to mention an improved lifestyle. This investment can be very significant in terms of money, time and energy and any such decision should be carefully considered and the value of this investment fully recognized.

Many people enthusiastically subscribe to this investment only to find that they reach a plateau in their progress and cannot for some reason reach their goal weight or having reached their goal weight they must further invest to maintain it.

Herein lays the problem as they become discouraged with the return from their investment and simply give up or allow themselves to slide back into their pre-investment lifestyle patterns.

EFT provides us with the tools to address the aspects of weight adjustment and weight maintenance that have traditionally caused us to sabotage our efforts at every stage of the process.

Consider the advantages of being able to:

▪   Remove the mental barriers to enthusiastically embracing and maintaining a weight adjustment regime.

▪   Remove the emotional barriers (often sub-conscious) to allowing your body to adjust its weight as you work with it.

▪   Knock cravings and compulsions to binge on the head quickly and easily at the times that they show their faces.

▪   Neutralize core emotional issues such as anger, resentment, guilt, sadness or fear that consistently drive you to eat or purge.

▪   Deal effectively with day-to-day stresses such as frustration, loneliness or boredom that causes you to comfort eat.

▪   Empower yourself by effectively replacing self sabotaging behavioral patterns with sustainable lifestyle patterns of health and happiness.

▪   Wow your friends and family with your newfound confidence and self image.

▪   Have the knowledge and be able to share with other people in your life the simple techniques that have led to your own successes.

All seem to good to be true? Not so.

All of the above and more are now achievable through application of Emotional Freedom Techniques - simply by gently tapping on subtle body energy meridians (those same pathways used by acupuncturists) under the guidance of your EFT Practitioner.

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WEIGHT ISSUES or more generally, our ability to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight relevant to our height and age is a subject about which everyone without exception need be mindful and thankfully most are.

For some of us, maintaining a healthy weight is relatively easy without the necessity to make deliberate efforts beyond having a moderately active lifestyle and applying some common sense as to what we put in our mouths.

For the majority, however, and seemingly more so as each new generation evolves, the issue of achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight has become increasingly elusive.

The traditional method of adjusting weight, as we all know, comprises a regime of diet and exercise and the success of any attempt to lose or gain weight using these disciplines depends largely on a number of variables.


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