Did you know that as your EFT Practitioner I can offer Guided sessions via Skype.

This is a great way to receive all the benefits of Tapping while remaining isolated during times such as these where self-isolation is either a requirement or a good personal choice.

At times such as these, the added pressures can be overwhelming if we do not take measures to counter them in real time.

Many of our negative emotional responses to everyday situations are anchored in unresolved past traumatic experiences that range from minor or momentary “frights” (t) such as a Parent’s unexpected angry response to a childhood situation, to a major “trauma” or prolonged traumatic circumstances (T) such as repetitive domestic violence.

Any identifiable bothersome emotional response can be resolved permanently by application of EFT tapping.

Call today to set up a Skype session and enjoy the discounted cost of sessions through this unique and difficult period of time.

“When life sends you lemons, make lemonade.”  

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