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Your Commitment to Clearing Your Emotional Baggage with EFT

I like to think of “Emotional Baggage” as those mental images or memories we carry in our minds that prompt us into a negative emotional response that feels “bothersome” to us and therefore something we would rather we didn’t have to experience or deal with. We may...

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INVEST IN YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH The four fundamental components of optimal health are: Physical health, Mental Health, Emotional health and Spiritual health. Let’s consider these separately. Physical Health: Our physical body is the means by which we interface with the...

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Family Gatherings

A family get together can offer fertile ground for triggering us into all sorts of emotional responses. In an ideal world, we may be reminded of how much we are loved by our family members and we feel warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that we are cared about and...

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Anger Troubling You?

Do you live every day of your life carrying anger from a past event or series of events? Do you find that certain everyday circumstances or occurrences cause you to become angry seemingly without any rational reason? Modern science is showing that a powerful link...

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Do You Have a Phobia?

Do you live every day of your life carrying the frustrations and limitations that accompany a phobia (or multiple phobias)? Phobias can be highly restrictive to our enjoyment of life to the full potential to which we are entitled.  Perhaps you have long ago accepted...

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Help with Depression

Do you suffer the effects of depression?  Whilst DEPRESSION can take a number of differing forms, a common thread of this debilitating condition is the presence of unresolved emotional issues (frequently, but not limited to: suppressed anger or resentment). What do I...

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You Can Gain Freedom from Emotional Distress!

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