If you have ever been the victim of a violent verbal and/or physical attack, you will understand the meaning of the impact that such an event (or series of events) has on us emotionally.

Almost daily, on the news, we see the anguish in the faces of victims and hear statements such as: “I will never be able to get over this”.

We assume and expect that the emotional impact will be a “Lifetime Sentence” for the victim when perhaps it’s the perpetrator who is the one who deserves such an outcome.

In time, our bodies will do their very best to heal from the physical damage sustained and our physical pain will hopefully begin to subside. We know this, and will do everything in our power to achieve an optimal physical and aesthetic result, often at substantial financial outlay.

However, when it comes to investing in the emotionally painful legacy of such traumatic events, our “Lifetime Sentence” mentality kicks in and we settle in to getting back to what’s left our compromised life in an attempt to make the best if it without further thought for our mental well being.

Unresolved emotional pain puts enormous stress on our bodies and saps our energy and if left unchecked can cause further physical illness to compound what may already be a difficult existence.

The good news is: EFT can quickly and permanently relieve you of emotional pain and give your body the best possible chance to avoid the onset of physical illness so caused.

So, whether your violent encounter(s) was due to verbal/physical/sexual abuse, wartime conflict or one of many others, you don’t need to endure the emotional impact a moment longer.

You may never forget the event(s) but you can shed the related emotional pain permanently.

There is much value to be gained from investing in your mental/emotional health and there will never be a better time to do it than now.

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