What is EFT at Taphappy EFT?

What is EFT?

EFT (commonly known as “tapping”) refers to the Emotional Freedom Techniques, a group of techniques used by trained practitioners.  EFT can  provide total freedom from many adverse emotional and physical effects caused by stressful memories and current events.  Because of the amazing effectiveness of EFT, it is the main modality I use at Taphappy EFT.

Using gentle and non-invasive EFT you are led by your practitioner directs to tap with your fingertips at certain locations on the face and hands whilst saying phrases relevant to your issue(s).  The blocks in your body’s energy field are cleared away and healing results. These techniques are highly effective in the treatment of stress related emotional states and many consequential physical afflictions manifested in the body.

What Problems Can EFT Help?


Lifestyle Stress


Post Traumatic Stress




Panic Attacks






















Addictions and more!

Phobias and dyslexia are frequently cleared away in an amazingly short time.  While long-term stress resulting in addictions, anxiety, panic attacks etc. can systematically be dealt with in the longer term.

Clients are encouraged to use these easily learned techniques in their own real-time life situations thus providing them with an immensely empowering tool for their ongoing emotional and physical health and well being.

So, what’s so Amazing about EFT?

Until the relatively recent discovery that tapping with the finger tips on the body’s subtle energy meridians (as used in acupuncture) clears away energy constrictions formed by past adverse life events and traumas, there was no effective way to permanently clear them.

Traditional psychological methodology remains useful in locating the core issues and beliefs associated with all sorts of debilitating emotional responses but frequently falls short when it comes to permanently resolving them.

There is an undeniable mind-body link to health and wellness, and EFT provides us with the perfect means to permanently deal with emotional distress of all kinds.  Most frequently, major improvements in compromised physical health states such as: pain, restriction of motion, swelling etc. are achieved by the practitioner addressing these states directly without even addressing the underlying emotional issues.

I hope this article has given you confidence in EFT and you feel encouraged to book an appointment.  I would be honoured to be part of your journey back to emotional freedom!

If you’re still not sure, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.  Contact info for Taphappy EFT is just below here!

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