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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping is fast becoming the modality of choice for people intent on resolving their bothersome emotional issues.

Even children are able to easily learn the basics of foundational EFT and put this simple but powerful protocol to work in resolving everyday anxieties that rear their heads and cause them stress.

In many countries around the world, learning to “tap” has been introduced in school rooms to help children deal with the many anxieties around peer pressures, bullying and upcoming examinations.

There is now a plethora of scripted “tap along” videos freely available to watch or download on U Tube and other visual media platforms, most targeting specific emotionally bothersome issues.

It is important to understand that, by necessity, such scripts are global in nature in an attempt to cover a wide range of likely contributing “specific” past events many of which are “common” to the tapping theme being offered.

A person watching and tapping along with the videos on offer will very likely (although not always) experience a positive “shift” in their energy and so benefit from the experience.

When such a shift does occur the value of the modality is easily quantifiable and the reality of receiving something of value for nothing is very seductive in promoting an ongoing interest in utilising EFT for further self-healing.

For some, the benefits can be life-changing but for most, the “quick fix” enabling them to get some respite from their emotional attachment to some earlier memory or event is enough.

So, if such benefits are available from tapping along with a video presenter for free, why would anyone want to pay an EFT Practitioner to do the same thing?

In reality, there is a wide gulf between the benefits available online and those available from one-on-one EFT sessions with a Practitioner.

The old adage of “being unable to see the forest for the trees” has particular significance when we are attempting to do our own self-work.

One of the most important ingredients in achieving effective results when tapping is specificity. That is: we must be as specific in our focus as possible while tapping on the EFT accupoints.

The extent of positive results achieved will vary from one person to another dependant on a number of factors.

Some other important influencing factors are:

  1. Personal commitment to the healing process.
  2. Personal ownership of the issues being tapped on.
  3. The ability to focus and remain focussed on the issues being tapped on.
  4. The ability to always seek out and work on specific events.
  5. The person’s level of self-awareness and/or groundedness.
  6. The ability to burrow down ever deeper as the superficial layers of an issue are resolved.
  7. The availability of memories/mental images of events/issues to which emotional discomfort is attached (anchored).
  8. The sense of safety experienced when applying the protocol especially when fearful of re-visiting past traumatic events.
  9. The level of resistance to allowing the healing/clearing to take place.
  10. The ease with which healing/clearing is experienced/permitted.
  11. The ability to recognise and build on progress made.

Some of these factors may resonate with you but there may be others, the impact of which you are unaware.

In your self-application of EFT tapping, if you find that there is resistance to delving into an issue and yet, at some level of your being you know that you need to deal with it, it is wise to work one-on-one with a Qualified Practitioner.

Similarly, if you find that you are not making progress or feel “stuck” for whatever reason set up a session with a Practitioner.

If you are fearful of what your reaction may be if you take the lid of an issue that you know is a big deal for you, best to work through it with a Practitioner.

If you sense intuitively that there is stuff that you are being emotionally impacted by that you have no memory of, that may have occurred in vitro or at the time of your birth, your Practitioner has the means of sensitively resolving this.

In short, give self-tapping your best shot and as often as possible. If you feel that you will benefit from some assistance or direction give me a call and we can set up a session or I can recommend a practitioner in your area.

Most importantly, know that EFT can offer you the life you desire and there are no emotional obstacles that can stand in your way. Everything is just energy and blockages in your subtle energy field can be cleared whenever you so choose to deliver that life.

Don’t put it off or wait until you are overwhelmed.

Your Qualified EFT Practitioner is available and able to assist you to achieve a life of peace and happiness. You deserve it.


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