I like to think of “Emotional Baggage” as those mental images or memories we carry in our minds that prompt us into a negative emotional response that feels “bothersome” to us and therefore something we would rather we didn’t have to experience or deal with.

We may visit such images or memories rarely or we may find ourselves visiting them regularly or being triggered into remembering them by certain events. In every instance, the bothersome nature of such emotional responses causes us to become stressed.

Many of us aren’t even aware that our daily available energy (the kind we receive from the sun largely through what we put in our mouths) is depleted significantly by the stresses invoked through carrying Emotional Baggage.

We all know what stress feels like and most of us opt to attempt to live our lives with various levels of stress and our bodies learn to accept this as “normal”.

While we are young, some stress can actually be useful in facilitating success in those areas of our lives in which we choose to invest our energy. I refer to this as ambient stress and any additional stress that we experience is added to this.

Any level of stress consumes our energy and during periods of higher stress our energy consumption increases. Attempting to “live with” high levels of stress may result in allocating more of our energy than we have available and fatigue will result.

Additionally, insufficient quality sleep, which is critical for the proper functioning of our body and mind can be a by-product of excessive levels of stress.

All of the above may be fine while we are young with efficient energy reserves and the ability to “burn the candle at both ends” but as we age we are unable to meet these demands and something has to give.

We may have become adept at suppressing or denying our emotional baggage but these approaches do not stem the outflow of our precious energy especially as we get older.

Our bodies begin to demand that we take action to reduce our stress levels and we begin to receive “cues” delivered either intuitively or physiologically or both.

A choice to ignore these “cues” is a perilous choice.

A far better choice is to take action on these cues and this is where EFT tapping provides the answer.

Of course, having the answer is one thing but it is worthless without the commitment to apply it.

If this post resonates with you, understand that your “Emotional Baggage “and its associated stress is your unique property and that only you can shed it and then commit to embarking on a healing journey utilising the most effective and cost efficient protocol available – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

It will be the best choice you ever make and will offer you the opportunity to reclaim the peace and health that is your birthright.

You deserve it and there will never be a better time to Commit.

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